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I gotta feeling that today's gonna be a good day
That today's gonna be a good day
That today's gonna be a good good day
it sure was for our Charlie and his new family. Everyone was all smiles and happy. The folks at Petco made sure they came by to wish everyone a good life. His new dad promised he would be back for many a visits.

You are so beautiful ... to me
You are so beautiful ... to me, can't you see?
You're everything I hope for
You're everything I need
You are so beautiful ... to me
Yes indeed. Missy is beautiful and has found her forever home. This little gal will have everything she needs to blossom into a Good Shepherd, that she was created to be. Everyone has happy faces and joy in their hearts this holiday season.

Sometimes there are special pups you find in shelters that just have that certain look about them.  Well Mr. Rambo was one of those pups.  At 5months, he unusually coat coloring and stature said... Come on, bring me to Chicago and show me the meaning of a good life.  So up from Ky he came and it wasn't long before his forever family spotted him. His pre-training in his foster home made him ready to be accepted by the knowledgeable shepherds in his new home and he handled it with flying colors.  We love Happy Tails.


When Brandon saw our posting of Ike, he called to make an appointment to meet this energetic young pup. This young sport put on his best manners, and gave a great performance of all that he had learned in his short life.  Brandon was more than amazed and hoped he was up for the challenge to take Ike further with training and give him a forever life of fun and adventure.  We are happy to report that it truly is a wonderful match.  Brandon has learned so much about what this fabulous German shepherd is made of and life is good.


There are always HAPPY TAILS and HAPPY ENDINGS for those in rescue.  And Kramer can now start his HAPPY TAIL adventure.  Liz and Steve now have this big silly, goofy handsome shepherd in their lives. There will be continued training and learning and truly adventures!.  Kramer was listening about going swimming and fishing with Steve.... OOOHHH.  Yes Kramer (Dude) you will be loved!

 Elizabeth and Tuxie will definietly be a striking pair as
 they cruise the northside of Chicago. With photography as
 her passion, Elizabeth was in awe of both Tuxie's looks and
 loving personality. There will be many a photo shoots and
 plenty of adventures in the future for these two. 
 Tuxedo Joe,,,, You are one special shepherd and will have a
 wonderful forever home.... Enjoy!

Aunt Kathy,  I love what you have done for me!  The very long ride from Texas to the Chicago area, the hospitality in your foster home, the learning sessions for proper manners.  All this and the love you gave me, landed me one
 fantastic family.   And let me tell you, I will have everything to succeed as the
 best shepherd! One of the neighbors is a K9 officer and she said I was smarter than some of those she trains!  When they say life in rescue is great... that sure is true, cause better things come your way with great families and LOVE.
 Thanks, with hugs and sloppy kisses,  Love Niko

Juliet's Adoption From the time you contacted the shelter in Kentucky about me and my two pups, till the time you found our forever home, you really had a vision. You gave my family a warm place, good food, silliness, understanding, and love.  Yes, I know you thought I would be good at agility, but that was not to be. I instead have a more important role here with Bill and Jane and they
 love me.  I have other pooch friends to be silly with, company comes to visit our family, and Bill and Jane call me their special angel.  I will look out for them every minute of the day and give them the love a good shepherd
 always does.  Good things come to those that wait, and
 you found me the best place on earth!  Love,

 Midnight not only found his forever home, he also was given a fantastic new name.... SAVA! When his previous family could not long keep him, his quest for a new home began.  But now life is WONDERFUL!.  After loosing much weight and notunderstanding what was going to happen to him, Sava is a new shepherd.  With a little meds, good food, plenty of exercise, he now weighs 93lbs, and loves his human family. And recently added a little shih Tzu pup to the family. WOW!!  Sava  have a great life, you deserve it.

Hutch did not have to wait long to find his forever family.  Just look at those
smiles!!! He now has a huge back yard to run and play and stretch those legs.
There are plenty of walks, and other dogs to meet, not to mention other kids
that come to the house.  He is ready for dog classes to polish up some manners
(even though his family thinks he's perfect).  And he loves his new name... 
FRANK      What a wonderful happy tail!

Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you If you’re young at heart
For it’s hard, you will find, to be narrow of mind If you’re young at heart

You can go to extremes with impossible schemes...

...As Aunt Kathy did to see that I would have the best forever home!!!. From the time she found a transport team to bring me up from Kentucky to the Chicago area, she made sure that I ate well, slept comfortably, played silly shepherd games, even fetch, took car rides, and was “Loved”. I spent the last few months with Steve and Beth and their sons and shepherds for more exposure to neighborhood walks and car rides to schools and play yards. Each adventure was not only fun, but I was the best ambassador for my breed. And now, I start a new chapter with Vahid . Even though he is a teacher with all the certificates, it will be from me that he will gain the most important knowledge. That companionship and silliness out-weigh handicaps like blindness. When you accept life as it is and just enjoy the sunshine on your face and the kind words about your beauty, you truly are “Young at Heart”. Thank you everyone for making this tale a Happy Tail!!!.

Love and sloppy kisses…. CHANCE




When Russ and Irene and the family came to meet Dreamer, you could see the magic and love coming from them. Dreamer had a rough start in life and was also heartworm positive. Yet dog and family seen to find comfort in each other. Dreamer not only has a great home to live in, but a giant backyard and plenty of toys and belly rubs. She also was given a new name, "BELLA"... for beautiful. So Bella, enjoy the rest of your life with nothing to worry about.... just pure fun and love.


TADA ! I did it! I found my new family and forever home.  Now this is not the best picture of me, but my new dad and mom had their eyes close in the others.  Yet that's ok, cause I have a big yard to play in, some great toys, 2 cats to get acquainted with, and a WHOLE lota LOVE.  I also heard that I will be going to dog school so I can learn even more good shepherd manners.  Thanks Aunt Kathy for bring me into the rescue. And thanks Aunt Susan for teaching me stuff & letting me play with Piper & Lonnie in the foster home. I promise to be the best shepherd in the whole world!  So let the silliness and party begin.




When Joe came to look at Ryder, he had pictures of previous companions he grew up with. When we talked about Ryder and his personality, we all decided that this guy would be a perfect fit.... and Ryder thought so too. As you can see in the adoption photo, this pooch will be cuddly, silly, and loving, not to mention the adventures they will create together. Ryder came a long way to the Chicago area, and after learning some manners in the foster home, he will not only shine in dog classes, but will the shepherd to meet in his new neighborhood. Ryder..... enjoy your new life!!!



When Geri & Rich called looking for their forever companion, and one that would keep grandma company, we knew that Hansi fit the ticket. Geri and her dog walker Alex  are very happy to have this special guy come home. Hansi has had previous experience with seniors. Being only 2 years old, Hansi will be  around for a very long time. Have a great life Hansi!



WOW..! ! ! . Did I land the "Best" forever family or what! Foster Mom, thanks for all the fine tuning on good shepherd manners & showing me the good life. My new mom said I'm the Wal-Mart Greeter & they love my water tricks & games of fetch!!! Now I'm really home with swell folks. Love, DASH




This is one photo that  brings a smile to our hearts. Mom, Dad, and Tyler too are so proud to have Radar join their family. They are dedicated to his physical therapy for his hip surgeries and Radar's love is dedicated to them. Enjoy the rest of your life Radar, you are one special shepherd.




Hey Foster Mom!!!!!
Hurry up and take the pic! This is a great family & home for me to start the rest of my life, and as a pup, I have little attention span. My very own backyard, toys, treats, dog bed. I'll make Simply Shepherds proud of how I will grow into the most fantastic shepherd on the south side of Chicago. Thanks for finding me this forever home.




Eden didn't strike our when she found her forever family. This gal came a long way from one of the southern states to show folks what a real team player a shepherd can be. Enjoy your life little girl...




Steven and Sandi and the girls are happy to welcome Ace into their family. This happy boy will have a large yard and two mature girlfriends to guide him into learning good shepherd manners, And did you notice the smiles on all the faces. Enjoy your forever life Ace!!




Well, my new mom, Susan and dad Alex did not know we take lots of pictures in rescue. So, I already knew the game plan & sat pretty & looked at the camera. I'm going to love this new life... & Foster Mom, thanks for getting me connected to these swell folks. There will be lots of kisses & belly rubs for sure!!! Love, Piper





Mom and Ryan & Lexie are so happy that Addie will be part of their family. Dad was at work during this photo shot. Addie will have plenty of new adventures in store for her. As all good shepherds, she will handle them with charm and confidence.  Enjoy your new life.





I was lookin' for love in all the wrong places,
Lookin' for love in too many face,
Searchin' their eyes
And lookin' for traces of what I'm dreaming of
And God bless the day I discovered Tom and Laura!!!

That’s right, that’s “ME” with my new family. There will be sooo many sloppy kisses, belly rubs, running in the big yard, playing fetch…..
This is a shepherd’s every dream. Just look at those smiles!

Love, Delilah



Tom, Michael, Dad, & Brittany are very sure that our Davy will be just perfect for their family.  At 2-1/2yrs of age, Davy has been learning & practicing to find his forever home. He can't wait to try out the new backyard to show off his playing "Fetch" abilities!!!  Everyone have a great life together




Are these not the happiest faces you have ever seen on humans & canine? Abner is just thrilled living with the Smith family and all the attention, hugs, kisses and love this big boy will get for the rest of forever!!




Dan & Jan are soooo Blessed with their new addition.. "Lucky". Lucky traveled so many miles to find his forever home. He is enjoying the new bed, toys, lovely yard to romp and roll. And look!!! Everyone is looking at the camera... Perfect love!




Yes,Yes, YES!!! Stella agrees with the smile on her face, that Jim & Louise are her forever family. All that practicing at home & in the Petco store shined for this adoption. She will have plenty of toys and a huge backyard to show off her charm & intelligence. Enjoy, little girl, you are the best!




Well this pooch really hit the jackpot with Joanne & Brian and Divot (home during photo shot). Patton traveled a long way to the Chicago area to find his forever home. He now has a huge yard, lots of toys, a special dog bed or two & a wonderful dog friend to enough all the hugs & belly rubs and love all dogs deserve. Enjoy your new life




Gino and Francis could not be happier with Sasha (Sallie/Callie).  They lover her spunk and intelligence and the thousands of kisses she gives away.  First time foster dad, Jim was there for the phto shoot and give Gino tips on playing ball with Sasha.  Life will now always be an adventure in Gino and Fran's home.





Sheryl and Stuart, and Samantha (at home) are very happy with their new family addition.  Heidi will have Samantha to run and play and be silly with as the years go by.  This beauty girl will have many hours of pure love that she deserves.






Aaahhhh...... relaxing on the deck with my wonderful human companion, Maureen.  No cares, no sharing with silly young shepherds in my former foster home.  Just plenty of love, hugs, walks, toys, and even more love.
This is paradise all shepherds wish for.




Ty, our very special, and most loved shepherd has found his forever home! His new life with Dave will be full of fun and learning new games.  Ty is enjoying all the special love and attention any one shepherd could dream of.  We will be waiting up-dates on what adventures are in store for this pooch.







It's a toss up as to who has the the biggest smile!  Lexie is sooo happy with her own 5yr old to play endless hours of fetch and hide n seek.  Charlie loves teaching Lexie new tricks and taking walks. 



Here is Lou who has now found his forever home!!! His new name is Probie and he loves his new beds!!! and all those new toys!!! and he doesn't even have to share with other pooches.  Julie and Ray can't stop laughing or smiling with all the delight this shepherd has brought into their home.




Star, now named Maya is on the right with dad Brian.  Her new soul mate is Macy on the left with mom Pam.  Even though the canines did not totally co-operate in great pics..... Dad and Mom are very happy with the new addition to the household.  Maya is a party girl and is always up for games and fun. Macy is happy to have a girlfriend to share secrets with..hahaha

Gina was this skinny and energetic sable young gal found running the streets of Chicago before taken to animal control.  Our local vet saw her and said they had an adopter for her if we could pull her.  After 3days at the vet for medical and a grooming, Dr Peg announced that she found her forever home..... with her!  Her name is now Butters and she is the princess in the office. Her many fur friends whether at the vet office or at home enjoy her youth and silliness.   Have a great life beautiful lady.
Tuffy made a long trip up from Missouri to find his forever home. He learned to be calm and over-come some shyness.  He was eager to learn tricks like high-five. He waited patiently as folks came to check him out on adoption days.  So when his new family found him and he heard what great adventures were in store for him, he never looked back at was but only at what tomorrow would bring.   HAPPINESS!


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